About Boovr.

'Boovr.' is a young Belgian brand that specialises in accessories which have two sides, including the world's first reversible bow tie. This unique concept of reversibility never fails to pique people’s curiosity. All of our products are handmade by the people of 'Arcor vzw', a social enterprise that employs people who don't get the same chances in the labour market as most of us do. 

We represent 3 main pillars: transparency, functionality and appearance. Openness and social involvement in the fashion industry is a 'hot topic' these days. In addition, we want people to get back into functional, easy dressing, without neglecting the fashionable aspect.


The business is run by Bryan, a  passionate student-entrepreneur who really ‘breathes’ his company and develops his entrepreneurial skills. He studies 'Business Engineering' at Ghent University, a degree that makes a direct link with entrepreneurship.

The satisfaction of our customers, partners and other stakeholders remains our number one priority by consistently delivering high-quality products and establishing enduring partnerships.

"To see our customers pleased, that they represent our brand with pride, is what makes me a satisfied entrepreneur and encourages me to continue building  'Boovr.' like it’s a dream."

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BTW: BE 0684 758 731