In February 2015, Ymer Sabanaj, Bryan Vandevoorde and Moris Vandevyver developed the world's first reversible bow tie, and thus are the founders of the 'reversible' idea. 'Boovr.' stems from the junior enterprise 'Mr & Mrs TieBow'.

During the time as a junior enterprise, we have decided to donate a share of our profits to a good cause, in this case a park called ‘De Engelenhoeve’. De Engelenhoeve is a small amusement park catering for people with disabilities, mainly children, providing them with a fun-filled day, free of charge. As a part of our production process was outsourced to Arcor – a social enterprise working with individuals who have developmental or other disabilities – it was a logical step for us to support people with disabilities in any other way that we could. Additionally, we have participated in an awareness-raising campaign on the Human Papillomavirus (HPV), where female celebrities called upon the public to post pictures on social media of them wearing a bow tie. In the future, we want to maintain this mobilizing attitude.

Last but surely not least, Mr & Mrs TieBow was crowned 'Best Junior Enterprise of Flanders' in Brussels. And so the international adventure began: our team had the honour to represent the Belgian colours at the 'Company of The Year Competition 2016' in Lucerne (Switzerland), a young entrepreneurship competition with no less than 36 participating countries.

This project was so much more than a brief adventure – it was our very own business, established from the ground up and that means a lot to us. We learned that the success of our junior enterprise was fundamentally dependent on strong teamwork, trust and clear communication. The pleasant collaboration between the team members forged friendships and we still get in touch on a regular basis, despite the fact that our ways have parted due to college and higher education. Making a profit was never an end in itself; we paid more attention to the experience that we could acquire. Today and in the long run, our focus remains on offering a high-qualitative, innovative product and on the continuity of our business.

Through the support of many, 'Mr & Mrs TieBow' has grown into what is called 'Boovr.' today. As a team, we wish to express our gratitude to our learning coach, Vlajo, JA Europe and Young Enterprise Switzerland for the great experience and the chance to develop our entrepreneurial skills.

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